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Please don't read this if you've already started to reconfigure your house layout - It will break your heart

Expert House Renovation Specialists | Transform Your Home

  • What to consider when renovating your house layout?

    'How to renovate my house' sounds like a challenge when you say it out loud. Does your growing family need more space? Perhaps you're working from home and desperately need a dedicated office. Occasionally the decision is already made for you. However with careful thought and attention to the following details  your house renovation should run smoothly, on-time, on budget:

    • Discuss and agree a  realistic timeline with your builder to streamline the process and reduce the stress associated with your house renovation.
    • Get an idea of costs and include a contingency fee! If you don't get this right, you might run out of funds before the project is completed. So get quotes from reputable builders near you, before going ahead.

  • What's the trend you're seeing a lot of at the moment?

    If you thinking of making some improvements to your home, knocking through walls, exterior sliding or bifold doors, roof lanterns and kitchens are very popular right now. They create interesting spaces and also bring you a great return on investment!

  • How to renovate your internal space?

    renovating your house can be rewarding but is not without its challenges. Older homes generally have small rooms, each serving a specific function. So when it becomes apparent you need more living space, most people opt to reconfigure their internal layout to get more light or create open floor plans. The most popular reconfiguration job we take on is an open plan kitchen with dining area. 

  • What about knocking through?

    If you're considering how to reconfigure your house, one popular idea is to knock through your walls. This option is good especially if you have a smaller house. Doing so will create a more open and spacious living area or extra bedroom.It will also change the ambiance of your home.

    It's not a simple task, and should only be undertaken by a Trading Standards approved builder. That’s the best reason to work with rated renovation experts working in your area with the expertise and experience reconfiguring houses like yours.

  • Do we need an architect?

    Do you have a question about working with an architect? Get in touch, we're ready to answer any of your questions about this. 

  • What about period features?

    While you plan how to reconfigure your house, you should pay attention to respecting the unique features that make your property most appealing. Because renovation of period homes - especially listed properties require specialist knowledge and skills due to the age of these properties.

    Start by highlighting the features you want to discuss with a building specialist, and how best to incorporate these unique architectural details and it's historical significance into your new living space.

  • How to find house renovation experts near you?

    renovating your house is a massive investment, so it's important to choose the right building contractor for your successful home renovation.

    To find the best house renovation experts near you, it’s advisable to choose a Trading Standards approved building contractor with proven experience in your particular style of renovation.

    Next, check out their ratings and reviews on. Our company proudly offers ‘down-to-earth advice’ and follows this up with a level of quote accuracy, courtesy, and reliability that’s earned us a fantastic 9.7 rating on Checkatrade and 4.8 stars on Trustatrader. For peace of mind, we’re also vetted by Kent Trading Standards too!

  • When and how to tell neighbours about building works?

    When it comes to reconfiguring your house, it's not you who gets affected. In fact, your neighbours also have to put up with the noise, dust, disruption and inconvenience when there is any renovation. So their consideration is always a nice gesture. Inform them about your renovation plans. Doing so will help avoid any possible conflicts and misunderstanding.

    One way is to arrange a meeting with your neighbours before work commences. Share your ideas and discuss how long you expect the building work to continue. So please read GOV UK advice on ‘party walls and building work’ before works begin. This way, you can ensure that your renovation goes smoothly for everyone.

  • What about eco-friendly ways to renovate your home?

    Home renovation gives you an opportunity to improve your home's functionality, as well it’s aesthetics. Discuss repurposing  materials, adding insulation or using reclaimed materials to reduce waste with your builder at the planning stage. If your’e looking for some eco-friendly renovating ideas for your home, check out ecowarriorprincess.

  • What is a schedule of works?

    Ask us a question. We are ready to answer your questions about this.

  • What is the correct order to renovate a house?

    Do you need help deciding on the correct order to renovate your property? Get in touch, we're ready to answer any of your questions about this. 

  • How can I bring the outdoors in to create more light?

    We love working on older style properties, but the one thing we’ve noticed is they often lack plenty of natural daylight. So before going-open plan, discuss bifold doors and rooflights and lighting with your builder to getting the lighting right for your bright, daylight-filled open space.

  • Is it a good idea to move out while we're renovating?

    That's a good question. You don't have to move out, but you might want to depending on the length of the project and scope of your renovation work. You can save the hassle finding temporary accommodation, whilst monitoring the pace and the quality of work. However moving out during your renovation will give you a safe, comfortable environment to live in until the renovation work is done. Here's a useful guide from about moving out during home renovation.

  • Do I need planning permission to knock down internal walls?

    'Do I need planning permission?' is one of the first questions we get asked by homeowners looking to reconfigure their home's layout. Knocking down or building internal walls is a great way to reconfigure an area to create more usable space and it's unlikely that you’ll need to go down the full planning permission route to achieve this.

    However if your property is listed or your wall is load-bearing or affects a party wall, you should check with your from your local council first. For more information read the Governments guidance on 'householder permitted development rights, which allow home improvement  without a planning application'. Then talk to your builder and seek independent for advice at the planning stage.

  • Are we eligible for any grants?

    Do you have a question about grants? Get in touch, we're happy to help answer any questions about this. 

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